im starting to think that college is not for me 


♡what a cutie


Cutest brothers award goes to Wes & Keaton bc they’re adorable


wes being literally the cutest thing on the planet
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and again.. that’s the shirt I gave him

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i get to see the cutie tomorrow :3 i don’t know what to feel, it’s been almost two months

ill start posting things soon, promise! and by posting i mean reblogging 

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Our chubby baby passed away yesterday. It all happened so fast. Wednesday we noticed him walking funny, limping without much energy. Thursday we took him to the vet, they recommended some pills, they didn’t really know what was going on. Friday, he woke up almost completely paralyzed, could barely move his head. By Saturday morning the poor thing awoke in a place where he could run around, bark at every moving thing, and eat as much as he wanted.. He will be missed greatly.. I mean, look at that cute face! RIP Chato Sept 16, 2006 - Aug 23, 2014.

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first day of college today.. i’m beyond nervous